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Who are Gerber? 

Founded in Oregon, 1939, Gerber went from a small scale business, into a large enterprise distributing knives across the globe. By 1960, Gerber was one of the top brands in the industry, for both price and quality. It is Gerber’s belief that they should be dedicated to making high end and durable knives and tools, made from not only high quality materials but new and innovative designs. Gerber knives are built to last a lifetime, and stand up to the harshest treatment in the most extreme environments, due to the weight, durability and precision, which have all been perfected over decades of improvements. Due to Gerber becoming such a large name in the industry, they have had to employ over 300 employees, in order to keep up with the high demand for their high quality products.

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Types of products Gerber produce a large range knives and other outdoor products as well. Their knife range includes a huge array of fixed blade knives and also folding knives. Gerber knives have specific ranges covering categories such as filleting knives, dive knives, hunting knives, tactical knives, bowies knives and more. Gerber folding knives cover a range of categories too from small keyring size folding knives, quick release tactical knives and larger utility and hunting folding knives.

Gerber Machetes Gerber have a huge range of affordable machetes ranging from compact small machetes for attaching for backpacks while hiking all the way up to full size work machetes for clearing scrub. All Gerber machetes come with super cool heavy duty carry pouches.

Gerber Tactical Pen the impromptu is Gerber’s super sturdy tactical pen designed for heavy duty outdoor use and also to use as a self defence tool.

Gerber Shovels Gerber produce a range of folding shovels called the Gorge. These shovels are extremely robust and fold up into a compact size making them easy for attaching to a backpack when hiking. These are also great to include in an emergency kit.

Gerber Multitools Gerber produce a range of high end multitools that incorporate a set of pliers with screwdrivers, blades and a range of other tools needed in emergencies. These multitools are also a great edition to add into a survival or emergency kit or just keeping in your glove box for those occasions when you need a knife screwdriver or a set of pliers. The range includes the new Centre drive, NXT, Truss, Dime and Suspension to name just a few.

Gerber Pack Hatchets Gerber also produce a large range of outdoor hatchets from small pack hatchets for chopping small firewood all the way up to large axes and also splitting axes. The Axe heads are made from Gerber’s super strong steel and the handles are made from super lightweight and strong glass filled nylon.


Gerber produce products for the budget to mid range price range, however they still manage to produce high quality and durable products that will not fail to impress. Gerber blades are either made using high quality stainless steel. This results in a sturdy and durable blade which will perform in all the tasks you demand from it.


Gerber offers both fixed and foldable blades. While a folding knife may not offer the same sturdiness and strength of a fixed blade, it has benefits in that it can always be on hand and is made very compact. Gerber’s foldable blades feature a range of different locking mechanisms, and are designed in order to be opened swiftly, and closed when the time comes. The lock prevents any unintentional closings of the blade to prevent injuries.

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Who uses Gerber? 

Gerber produce products for a large range customers world wide. The knives that they produce are intended for people in professional jobs such as the military, industrial or tactical professions, people that need a knife for their hobby such as hunting or fishing, and just everyday users looking for a sturdy, reliable and good quality knife to use day to day. Gerber knives can be found in most major hunting and outdoor stores and are a go to product when you need a blade that will not only hold a good edge but will perform well in the real world under heavy use.

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Gerber products are produced in their top of the line production facilities in China and the USA. Gerber employs over 300 employees to assist in keeping up with the high level of demand for their high quality products. Every new Gerber product that is released into the market goes through a long testing period to ensure no flaws in design or manufacturing. This shows in their confidence in their product to withstand the harshest of use and conditions.


All Gerber products will come with a 25 year warranty in Australia when purchased through Knife Depot. Any faults or issues with your Gerber product caused by regular use will be fully covered and your product will be repaired or replaced. Gerber have a no fuss warranty and understand products will be used for purpose and from time to time will be scratched and marked and this will not effect the warranty.

Legal Requirements 

All knives in Australia sold through Knife Depot require the purchaser to be over the age of 18 years. Knife Depot reserves the right to refuse the sale of a product to any person under the legal age.


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