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Victorinox Swiss Army Knives

Swiss Army Knives are know the world over as the go to tool when ultra compact and reliable is required. These tools have been manufactured for over a century in Switzerland and are know the world over as the best travel tool to own. All swiss army knifes come with a lifetime warranty backed by Victorinox so any problems just contact us and we will be able to assist you with the whole process. Knife Depot is an official dealer of the Victorinox brand so any queries or special requests in regards to the brand please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help.


Production of the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

Production of the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife | Victorinox

Tour the Victorinox factory and delve into the history of the iconic Swiss company.

5 Best Swiss Army Knives for EDC

5 BEST Swiss Army Knives for EDC

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About Victorinox

Karl Elsener first supplied his knife to the Swiss Army in 1891 having opened his cutler’s workshop in Ibach-Schwyz just 7 years prior. Elsener then developed the iconic Swiss Army Knife in 1897, a knife that would later be globally renowned and praised. The Swiss Army Knife is manufactured in Switzerland and well known for meeting the highest standards in material quality; for this reason, Victorinox provides a lifetime warranty for all the Swiss Army Knives purchased with any Victrorinox approved providers.

The Victorinox product line ranges from Swisscards, Swisstools and multi tools and of course Swiss army knives, which remains as their core Victorinox’s range which inclues small, medium and large Swiss Army Knives. Ultra compact and reliable, proven results in real world circumstances A Victorinox tool or knife is a must if you value precision manufacturing and reliable execution.

The Swiss Army Knife is the go to tool for campers, adventurers and people on the move. Victorinox have such a wide range of knives, multi-tools and Swiss cards that it is easy to see why so many people have heard and carry a Victorinox Swiss Army knives. From military to outdoor use the range is truly a thing of beauty.

Those preparing to take on any situation need a trusted and diverse tool to work with, and when it comes to multi tools and Swiss army knives- there are few options that outrank the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. The look, design and feel of a true Victorinox is unmatched making it a must have in your pack or bug out bag or even as an EDC.

Who uses Victorinox?

Victorinox caters for a wide variety of people, as they produce knives in more than one price range, while maintaining high quality products across the board. Because of this, Swiss Army Knives have been used by almost everybody, from teenagers getting their first knife, to hunters or fisherman, They have also been used by Arctic Explorers, the Swiss Military and NASA Astronauts, which shows that even at a mid range price, you can get an incredibly high quality and durable knife. Go to to check out our full range of Victorinox products.


All Victorinox products are produced in their state of the art facilities in Switzerland. The company produces tens of thousands of knives daily, which is made possible by the more than 1800 employees, and advanced facilities, featuring the most technologically advanced equipment on the market. Swiss Army Knives are made in stages. The first stage involves a stamping machine making the tools and blades out of sheets of stainless steel, the steel is then hardened and tempered at extreme temperatures for hours. After the steel is prepared, it is smoothed before being gathered and all the tools are stacked almost like a sandwich, with the different tools being separated by aluminium strips and pressed together. Finally, the tool is put in its case, which comes in a range of colours such as black, blue or red, and pressed together to secure the tool in the casing.