Tactical Pens

Tactical Pens are one of the best EDC tools you can carry. They are about as multi functional as a pen gets, Some of the features that these awesome bits of kit include are – The ink insert that allow you to use your pen as an actual pen but with added features like being able to write upside down when its wet and everywhere in between. The body of the pens are usually made from strong aircraft grade aluminium or titanium with hard anodised coatings. Pocket clips that are strong and durable. Glass breakers to get you out of a sticky situations. Flashlights to light up a trail or a room. These are just some of the features that you might find in a typical tactical pen.

Why carry a Tactical Pen?
Besides from being a great stylish addition to your EDC (everyday carry) it can be extremely useful tool not only for taking down notes (which it will achieve with ease) but to use to protect yourself. With the use of a well constructed tactical pen can be all it takes to discourage an advance from someone or with the added glass breaker can potentially save yours or a life. Using a tactical pen the right way can be highly effective with minimal effort on your part. Don’t underestimate how helpful such a small item may be in helping you get out of a difficult situation.

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