Tanto Blade Knives

The Tanto blade is a blade that rose to the forefront of the knife community in the 70s and 80s. It is inspired by old Japanese craftsmanship and design, and is Image result for tanto blade kniferenowned for it’s strength, power, unique aesthetics, quality materials and ease with which it can be sharpened. The Tanto Blade is an immensely powerful blade that has the capability of puncturing very hard materials with minimal risk of snapping or breaking the blade. Due to the strong structural integrity of the blade, it can be used for hacking, scraping and prying, which you might be scared to do with other blades. This is all made possible by the Tanto Blade’s high point and flat grind. If you are looking for a blade that excels in a specific function of piercing hard materials, the Tanto Blade might be the blade for you.

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