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Who are Buck? 

Founded in San Diego, California, in 1902, Buck Knives is one of the largest, most famous and significant manufacturers and sellers of knives in the world. When the company was first formed, they were producing knives and bayonets to donate to the military in an attempt to assist their war efforts. The family have continued the business through the generations, and the company today holds several large and significant military contracts, while remaining one of the top producers of high quality blades across the globe. Buck Knives are widely regarded as one of the worlds classic knife brands, and is especially well known for the quality of materials that they use when manufacturing their knives. Buck Knives have a reputation for being well-crafted and durable, and able to perform in the harshest environments without fail. Buck Knives claims to have a “multi-generational legacy to live up to”, with 4 generations of Buck. The company pioneered the folding knife blade, and at the time was one of the only folding lock back knives you could depend on. No matter what you’re looking for in a knife, Buck is sure to have an amazing option to suit your needs.

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Buck Knives prides itself on its exceptional build quality and craftsmanship, which is a result of the materials used and the manufacturing process. All handles are crafted to perfection, whether using wood, synthetic, plastic or carbon fibre. The blades are shaped and honed to exceptional quality from primarily stainless steel.

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Buck don’t really offer any new or innovative concepts with their mechanisms, simply using high quality, yet classic locking mechanisms, and producing their knives to optimise swift opening and closing for when you need to pull out your knife quickly.

Who uses Buck? 

Buck Knives manufacture knives for a low to mid price range, with the aim of producing high quality, durable products at an accessible price point. Buck Knives are regarded world wide as one of the top producers of high quality knives, and are respected for being tough and durable and able to handle whatever you throw at it. Because of this, Buck Knives are used by everybody, from people looking for a quality, durable everyday knife, to the elite of the elite in the Marines, Law Enforcement and Military. Bucks have a reputation from farmers and hunters as being a solid knife that delivers when the time comes.

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Buck knives are manufactured in state of the art factories in the USA and China, but don’t let some of them being made in China fool you, Buck Knives are some of the best knives you can get both for your money and overall. They are masterfully crafted knives that can live through pretty much anything you throw at it. A Buck Knife is a must have for anybody looking for a quality everyday knife or just a new blade to add to the collection. Buck manufacture 7000 knives a day, with an assembly time of 15 minutes per knife. Buck Knives begin as sheets of stainless steel that are laser cut into blanks before being ground into a general knife shape, removing about 80% of the material that needs to be removed. While the steel is still soft, grooves are carved into the blade and the Buck logo is stamped into the steel. The steel is then heated through a 3-step heating process that Buck refers to as Heat Treat. the 3 phases are a high heat phase, an extreme cold phase and a medium heat treatment, which gives the steel the right hardness, makes it durable and gives good corrosion resistance. Heat Treat is one of the things that make Buck Knives so superior to most other knife brands. The blades then get ground again to remove excess material and hone the shape of the knife even more. The Buck knife is then assembled, before being buffed, polished and sharpened. After this, the Buck Knife goes into a final inspection, where they check for any dents or scratches, before packaging the knife, ready to be shipped out.

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All purchases of Buck products through Knife Depot will come with a lifetime warranty in Australia. Any issues or faults with your knife obtained by regular means will be fully covered and your knife will be repaired or replaced.

Legal Requirements 

All knives in Australia sold through Knife Depot require the purchaser to be over the age of 18 years. Knife Depot reserves the right to refuse the sale of a product to any person under the legal age.


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