Silky Bigboy Curved Folding Saw 360mm – Outback Edition


This Silky Bigboy Outback Edition is a perfect saw for both wet and dry conditions, featuring highly durable nickel/tin blend black coated blade which resists sap and staining. The arbor composite grip on the handle is composed from timber which prevents any fault in any weather conditions.

The style of tooth on this saw also cuts a larger hole than the width of the blade which reduces the change of the blade getting jammed in the cut.  It also has several raker teeth designed to clear the cut of debris.

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Silky Outback Series: BIGBOY


Included: Black Silky Carry Case

There are two settings on the blade. One being a standard saw blade angle whereas the second is the blade pointing into the air. This angle allows you to cut to a flat surface or to have the handle away from the branches which are slowing your cutting process.

The teeth taper moves in thickness from large at the handle to small at the tip.

  • Arbor Composite Grip: Great for cold & wet conditions, as well as for game processing.
  • Black Nickel/Tin Coated Blade: Suitable for cutting through wood and bone.
  • Blade Material: Blade is made out of a high carbon steel which is both strong and flexible.
  • Impulse-Hardened Teeth: Stays sharp 3 times longer than non-hardened teeth.
  • Blade Length: 360mm (curved)
  • Total Weight: 478 grams
  • Teeth Pitch: 6.5 (5.5 tpi)




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