Ultimate Guide to the Top 3 SOG Multitools You Need


Welcome to the ultimate guide on the top 3 SOG multitools that every outdoor enthusiast, DIYer, and survivalist must have. Whether you’re embarking on an adventurous hike, tackling household projects, or preparing for unexpected situations, a reliable multitool can be your best companion. In this guide, we’ll explore the finest multitools from SOG that offer a perfect blend of functionality, durability, and innovation.

Top 3 SOG Multitools that You Need

SOG PowerAccess Deluxe

The SOG PowerAccess Deluxe Multi-tool is the ultimate multitasking powerhouse, boasting 20 essential tools and a convenient hex bit kit. With SOG’s patented gear-driven compound leverage technology, it delivers twice the gripping power of conventional multi-tools, ensuring smoother and more powerful operation. The tool features outward-opening components that lock securely and are easily accessible even when closed. A centred, magnetic hex bit driver accommodates any ¼” hex bit, expanding its versatility. Key components include a fully serrated blade, straight edge blade, flat and Phillips screwdrivers, a wood saw, and more. Complete with a nylon sheath for easy storage, the PowerAccess Deluxe is indispensable whether you’re in the backcountry, camping, driving, or on the job site.

SOG PowerLock

The SOG PowerLock Multi-tool is a versatile and robust companion featuring 18 essential tools, including scissors and a double tooth saw. Engineered with SOG’s patented gear-driven compound leverage technology, it offers twice the gripping power of conventional multi-tools, making tasks smoother and more efficient. Its outward-opening components are easily accessible and securely lock in place. This multi-tool includes a wide range of functionalities such as a 1/2 serrated blade, various screwdrivers, wire crimper and cutter, and even a bottle opener. Complete with comfort grips and a nylon pouch, the PowerLock is designed for reliability, whether you’re at a campsite, worksite, or on patrol.

SOG PowerPint

The SOG PowerPint is a compact yet highly functional multitool, measuring just 5 inches (12.7 cm) in length and weighing a mere 119 grams. Despite its small size, this mini multitool offers 18 versatile functions, including a magnetic hex bit holder and SOG’s renowned Compound Leverage technology for enhanced gripping power and smooth operation. Ideal for carrying in your pocket, pack, or keeping on your tool bench, the PowerPint is available in both a sleek grey stonewashed and a black coated finish. Perfect for everyday tasks around the house or on the go, the PowerPint delivers full-size functionality in a convenient, portable form.


Choosing the right multitool depends on your specific needs and lifestyle. The SOG PowerAssist, PowerLock, and Sync II each offer unique features tailored to different requirements. Whether you need a heavy-duty multitool for professional use or a compact companion for everyday tasks, SOG has you covered with high-quality and innovative designs. Invest in one of these top multitools to ensure you are always prepared, no matter the situation.