Rescue Knives

Rescue knives are the knives used in emergency situations by first responders. They are overall durable, well built, high quality knives that have a few distinctive features. Rescue knives generally have a serrated edge in order to make cutting ropes and seat belts faster, easier and safer for all involved, they often have rubber grips over the handle, to help ensure that even in the harshest most extreme weather conditions, the blade will not slip and remains under the usersImage result for leatherman oht full control. Rescue multi tools are equipped with a range of tools so as to be prepared with the right tool for any situation. Our Leatherman OHT Multi tools are a great example of this and are also the first ever 100% one hand operable multi tool on the market. There are also rescue keychains which feature tools such as a blade for quickly cutting through a seat belt, and a high pressure spring loaded spike to smash car windows, perfect for any emergency situation in which you might need to quickly escape a car.

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