KPL Knife Pivot Lube Original Knife Oil

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Knife Pivot Lube’s Original is a 15 WT, fully-synthetic oil made for use in knives anywhere ultimate long-lasting smoothness is a must.

Pivot Lube™ keeps dirt, metal particles, and grit in suspension™ so they don’t cause grinding and premature wear. KPL actually cleans your pivot as you use it.

We recommend our Original formula for all knife uses including:

  • On all moving parts of any folding knife
  • On flipper-deployed knives
  • On detent tracks and bearings
  • For knife disassembly, cleaning and lubrication
  • As a rust preventive blade coating

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How to use Knife Pivot Lube


• High Pressure Film Stabilizers to prevent metal-on-metal contact under high loading stresses.

• Contaminant Encapsulation technology to keep dirt and grit in suspension™ so they can’t wear away at knife parts.

• Corrosion Inhibitors to keep rust and oxidation at bay

• Wickability Modifiers to help KPL quickly penetrate tight spaces so it gets to where it needs to work instantly.

• Non-Evaporating, non-oxidizing formula won’t dry up, dry out, or gum up inside knives. Ever!

• Lightning fast deployment – silky smooth action – bank-vault lockup.

• Lockface safe, prevents sticking without slippage.

• Non-Toxic formula


• Viscosity – 15WT (Medium)

• Volume – 10mL

• Color: Non-Staining Crimson

• Needle: Length 14mm, Aperture 0.70mm

• Compatibility – all steels and metals, ball bearings, bronze washers, teflon washers, IKBS, MRBS, nylon (nylatron), G10, micarta, titanium

• Washout Resistance – Excellent

• Temperature Rating – -40 F to 400 F

• Volatility: No

• Flammability – No below 400F

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KPL - Knife Pivot Lube


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