CIVIVI T001D Black Titanium Pocket Clip with 6PCS Screws for WE Knife Co. and CIVIVI Knife Models

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This Titanium pocket clip works on CIVIVI and WE Knife Co. knives (3 screw length options included)

  • Please do check whether this clip works on your knife before ordering, see more details in product description.

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With Screw Set B, this clip is compatible with the following WE Knife Co. Models:

WE Knife Co. Elementum WE18062X-1, WE18062X-2, WE18062X-3, WE1806X-4, WE18062X-DS1

WE Knife Co. Upshot 2102A, 2102B

WE Knife Co. Subjugator WE21014C-1, WE21014C-2, WE21014C-3, WE21014C-4, WE21014C-5, WE21014C-DS1, WE21014D-1

WE Knife Co. Culex WE21026B-1, WE21026B-2, WE21026B-3, WE21026B-4, WE21026B-5, WE21026B-DS1

WE Knife Co. Soothsayer WE20050-1, WE20050-2, WE20050-3, WE20050-DS1

With screw set B, this clip is compatible with:

Mini Asticus Model Number

C19026B-1, C19026B-DS1, C19026B-DS2, C19026B-2, C19026B-3, C19026B-4, C19026B-5

Riffle Model Number

C2024A, C2024B, C2024C, C2024DS-1, C2024DS-2

Lazar Model Number

C20013-1, C20013-2, C20013-DS1, C20013-DS2

Chronic Model Number

C917A, C917B, C917C, C917D, C917DS

Exarch Model Number

C2003A, C2003B, C2003C, C2003DS-1, C2003DS-2

Keen Nadder Model Number

C2021A, C2021B, C2021C

With Screw Set A, this clip is compatible with:

Baklash Model Number

C801A, C801B, C801C, C801D, C801DS, C801E, C801F, C801G, C801H, C801I, C801K

Praxis Model Number

C803A, C803B, C803C, C803D, C803DS, C803DS-2, C803DS-3, C803E, C803F, C803G, C803H, C803I, C803J

Chevalier Model Number

C20022-1, C20022-2, C20022-3, C20022-DS1

With Screw Set C, this clip is compatible with:

Cogent Model Number

C20038D-1, C20038D-2, C20038D-3, C20038D-DS1, C20038D-5, C20038D-6, C20038D-7, C20038E-1, C20038E-2, C20038E-3, C20038E-4

Relic Model Number

C20077B-1, C20077B-2, C20077B-3, C20077B-DS1

Conspirator Model Number

C21006-1, C21006-2, C21006-3, C21006-DS1

Altus Model Number

C20076-1, C20076-2, C20076-3, C20076-DS1


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