The cutlery capital of Japan, Seki, has a rich history of crafting knives that dates back 780 years. The blades are made of V Gold No.10 high carbon stainless steel. Kasumi knives maintain their sharp cutting edges longer than their counterparts because the blades are hardened to Rockwell C59. A damascus stainless steel pattern is clad on each side of the blade and the handle is made of laminated wood. The manufacturing process is meticulously completed by the hands of skilled craftsmen. 

The Kasumi range includes shears and knives that can be used for boning, chopping vegetables, steak, and bread. Kasumi knives are guaranteed to live in the kitchens of chefs and home cooks for a lifetime.

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By combining the best in high tech steels with an elegant traditional cutlery style and Old-World sword making techniques, Kasumi knives continues Seki City Japan’s tradition of fine cutlery with its line of Damascus-clad blades. Combining strength, beauty, and function Kasumi has achieved harmony in kitchen cutlery, creating stunning collectors’ items as well as knives that surpass all else. A fine Damascus stainless steel lies on both sides of the main VG-10 core, adding incredible beauty and strength to the blades. As with the fantastic creations of Japan’s past, each knife is carefully hand-finished throughout each step of the manufacturing process by the most skilled craftsmen. The beauty of the Kasumi Damascus pattern coupled with the strong laminated black wooden handles make these knives look and perform gracefully in any style of cooking.