GLOBAL’s story originated a thousand years ago. Japanese swordsmiths developed a revolutionary range of knives that harnessed the best materials for the Samurai. Today, GLOBAL knives are still handcrafted in Yoshiki’s factory in Niigata to the highest standards. The modern design takes inspiration from the ancient Japanese swordsmiths and marries it with the ingenuity of German and Italian technology and design. 

GLOBAL knives are renowned by chefs, demonstrators, and homecooks for their sharp cutting edges, perfect weighting, ergonomics, and beautiful design. 

They are sold in over 65 countries and where they continue to attract more acclaim. In the past few years, GLOBAL knives have won many prestigious awards. GLOBAL knives are guaranteed to live in your kitchen for a lifetime.

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Global knives are renowned for their superior quality, their sharper-than-sharp cutting edges, perfect weighting, and their instantly recognisable design. Global draws its manufacturing inspiration from ancient Japanese swordsmiths, who perfected the art of sword-making to produce strong, sharp blades for the samurai, while also taking ingenuity from German and Italian fields of technology and design.

In short, if you invest in a Global knife, you’ll carry it with you, from one kitchen to another, for a lifetime.

Today, following both their nation’s time-honoured traditions and innovative nature, Global continue to produce knives of the finest quality. And, just like the swords of the samurai past, each Global knife lends distinction to the chef who uses it – amateur or professional.