Smith’s Precision Diamond Sharpening System – 3 Stones


Smith’s Diamond Precision Knife Sharpening System offers an easy way to sharpen all types of knives INCLUDING SERRATED. The fabric storage pouch makes this kit portable and easy to store, and the 1-inch wide stones makes sharpening safe, fast, and easy. The kit comes with a Coarse Diamond Stone, Fine Diamond Stone, Medium Triangular shaped Ceramic Stone for serrated edges only, and Premium Honing Solution.

  • More durable, less flexible folding angle guides
  • Folding angle guide with 4 sharpening angles to choose from
  • V-Lock Vice holds knife at consistent angle during sharpening
  • Folding angle guide allows sharpening at multiple angles
  • Includes 1″ wide stones
  • Coarse diamond, fine diamond, and serrated edge stone bars
  • Micro-tool Sharpening Pad on diamond stones
  • Sharpening groove for hooks and pointed tools
  • Oversized thumb screws on vice
  • Premium honing solution cleans and protects the sharpening surface
  • Fabric storage pouch

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How to use Smith's / Lansky Sharpening System



Sharpening Instructions:

Remember – Always apply a few drops of Smith’s premium Hone Solution to your stone before you start sharpening. The lubricant floats away metal and stone particles that develop during the sharpening process.

  1. Assembly – Mount T-Bars tightly onto the end of the knife clamp then screw a guide rod into the end of each stone bar.
  2. Position of Blade – Attach the knife blade by loosing the front screw and red thumb screw of the knife clamp in order to accommodate the thinkness of your blade. Attach clamp to back of blade at the midpoint of the blade. Seat the blade in the vise so at least 1/4 inch of the blade’s cutting edge extends out beyond the end of the vise unit. Tighten front screw to hold knife in place and to lock knife into place tighten large thumb sccrew on knife clamp. Do not overtighten either screw. Caution, do not attempt to sharpen your knife if it is loose in the clamp.
  3. Angle Selection – After you have securely fastened your knife into the knife clamp, place the guide rod with stone bar attached to it through one of the slots in the T-bar. The two most commonly used sharpening angles include:  Lower slot sharpens at a 20 degree angle and is commonly used for quality blades and provices an excellent edge for these type of knives. This angle is ideal for kitchen knives. The upper slot sharpens at a 25 degree angle and provides a durable sharp edge for most knives. This angle is excellent for hunting and all outdoor knives.
  4. Sharpen Your Knife – Hold the knife clamp in your hand with the guide rod in the desired angle slot you wish to use. Holding on to the plastic handle of the stone bar, place the stone you intend to use on the knife blade near the handle of the knife. With smooth easy motions, push the stone across the cutting edge, working your way from the handle to the point of the blade.  To sharpen the other side of your cutting edge, remove the guide rod from the slot, turn the knife and clamp over, place the guide rod in the same slot on the T-Bar you used on the other side and repeat the same sharpening process. Use the same number of strokes on each side of your cutting edge and sharpen both sicdes of your cutting edge before moving to the next stone.
  5. Sharpening Serrated Edges – To sharpen serrated edges, use the blue stone bar with specially shaped trianglar stone and repeat step four for each serration on the serrated side of knife only. Once you have finished the sharpening process you need to remove the small burrs that are created on the backside of our edge by removing our knife from the clamp and running the Fine Arkansas stone lightly over the backside of the cutting edge.


To clean a clogged stone, simply wipe with a rag or rinse under warm running water.



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