Chef’s Choice Knife Sharpener Model 460 – Black

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The Chef’s Choice Diamond Hone MultiEdge Manual Knife Sharpener 460 assures consistent razor sharp edges on straight edge and serrated knives:

  • 2-Stages for sharpener longer-lasting edges on both straight edge and serrated knives.
  • 100% diamond abrasives optimised to sharpen straight and serrated edge knives.
  • Precision roller guides ensure accurate angle control for foolproof sharpening
  • Functional and attractive dust cover
  • Sharpens entire edge, tip to bolster
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The Chef’s Choice Diamond Hone 2-Stage MultiEdge Model 460 puts an excellent edge on both fine edge and serrated blades. It combines key features essential for consistently excellent knife sharpening: precision sharpening angle control, two-stage sharpening, and 100% diamond abrasives in an easy to use design that is safe for quality knives.

This  versatile sharpener sharpens a broad range of straight edge and serrated knives, including kitchen cutlery and household knives as well as hunting knives, pocket and fish fillet knives. The Chef’s Choice Model 460 sharpens all the way from the blade tip to bolster or handle. Compact, portable and lightweight, it requires no electricity, no lubrication and is ideal for use in the home, vacation cottage or trailer. It is equally at home on the kitchen counter or workbench, in a knapsack or in the tackle box.

The Chef’s Choice Model 450 combines precision angle control with two stages—sharpening and honing —both using efficient diamond abrasives. Together these create a double-bevel edge that is much sharper, stronger and longer-lasting than conventionally sharpened edges.

By incorporating precision angle control, the Chef’s Choice MultiEdge eliminates the key reason why conventional manual sharpeners not only fail to consistently produce satisfactory results, but also tend to remove excess metal or damage knife edges.

How It Works:  In the first stage, medium diamond abrasives remove the old weak edge and simultaneously create a first bevel on both sides of the blade edge. In the second stage, ultra-fine diamond abrasives create a second bevel on both sides, while polishing the edge to a razor-sharpness. To sharpen fine edge blades, both Stage one and Stage two are used. The result is a symmetrical, arch-shaped knife-edge that is sharper and resists dulling longer. Because the cutting edge of a well-sharpened blade is microscopically thin, the force of cutting eventually folds the edge over.

Conventionally sharpened, single-bevel, hollow-ground or “V-shaped” edges are weak and fold easily. The Chef’s Choice arch-shaped edge is stronger and resists folding longer.

For serrated edge knives: only Stage 2 of the sharpener is used. A serrated knife dulls when the teeth on the edge become misaligned, dull and fold over. As a result, food is torn and crushed instead of cut. The Chef’s Choice 460 sharpens, straightens and realigns serrated edge teeth and transforms the prominent teeth into ultra-sharp “micro-blades”. The user simply pulls the knife back and forth through the sharpener while holding the blade against the red roller guides. The resharpened knife glides through food cleanly with substantially less effort and without shredding and tearing.

Precision sharpening angle control is assured by easy-to-use conical roller guides. These patented built-in guides automatically establish the correct sharpening angles to produce the double-bevel edge. The user simply pulls the knife back and forth through each sharpening stage while holding the blade against the red roller guides. The rollers turn to confirm that the blade is properly positioned and the correct angle is being maintained. The same razor-sharp edge shape is created every time. It can be used right or left-handed.

The Chef’s Choice Model 460 is maintenance free. It requires no messy sharpening oils or other lubricating liquids. It comes with a functional and attractive dust cover.

Design Overview:
Number of Sharpening Stages: 2
Abrasive: 100% diamond abrasives
Sharpens both fine edge and serrated knives: Yes
Resulting Edge Angle: 20 degree
Sharpening Technology: Interdigitating Diamond Pad technology
Handle Style: Can be used left- or right-handed
Scissors: Yes, Not Recommended for Hair Styling Shears
Product Weight & Dimensions:
Weight: 0.25 lb (113g)
Length: 7.00 inches (17.78cm)
Width: 2.38 inches (6cm)
Height: 2.38 inches (6cm)
Warranty: 1 year
Includes: Instruction manual
Origin: U.S.


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